Sunday, September 6, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Babies, Boo at the Zoo and home schoolers

Good Sunday all, Zebee here. We have lots of zoo news to get through today, so let's get to it. See you at the end.

Minnesota Zoo hosting three dolphins from Chicago
See why Noelani, Allison and Tapeko are visiting the Minnesota Zoo and how long they’re going to be there.

Zoo hopes to have new African Elephant Crossing area certified nation's largest 'green' animal exhibit
Watch the video and read about this interestingly new type of animal exhibit.

Brevard County Zoo seeks businesses to host treat stations at 'Boo at the Zoo'
It’s getting close to that time of year again. Check with your local zoo for their ‘Boo at the Zoo’ party. Oh, and if you live in Brevard County, FL, see if you can help out.

Boo at the Zoo is Back For its 20th Year at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Another zoo announcing their ‘Boo at the Zoo.’ Check out the dates and see what’s new this year.

Video of Baby Snow Leopard in Japan
Watch the video of this cute baby snow leopard. He’s got beautiful eyes.

Merlin Entertainments Group is Planning to Build a $15 Million Sea Life Aquarium at Phoenix
This looks really cool. Check it out. My boss Joy wants to go. Maybe she’ll take me. I hope, I hope.

Hogle Zoo's Elephant Gives Birth To a Baby Girl
She’s sure cute. See how much she weighed at birth. Amazing, more that many full grown adults.

Wild Michigan Rattlesnakes and Fox Snakes Studied by Potter Park Zoo Vet
If you like snakes, read this. Very interesting.

Oklahoma City Zoo chimp's ready for her debut
Great video with a keeper explaining all about this little girl’s life at the zoo.

Baby Elephant Born At Albuquerque Zoo
This baby elephant weighs even more than the one at Hogle zoo! See how much she weighs in at and the zoo’s plans to name her.

Baby Gorilla Has First Birthday at the Zoo
So, just what kind of cake do you give a gorilla for his birthday? Watch the video and you’ll learn what a gorilla considers a great birthday cake.

San Francisco Zoo Animail - September 2009
This is a copy of the San Francisco Zoo newsletter. See what all is happening at the zoo.

Zoo says goodbye to summer
IF the Buffalo zoo is where you call home, here are their new hours of operation.

Houston Zoo's Second Home School Day
If you home school and live in the Huston area on Sept. 22, this might be for you.

New chick at Woodland Park Zoo
A ball of white fluff with pink legs. Read all about this cute baby flamingo.

Smallest deer is born at city zoo
Learn about this tiny deer from Chile.

Well Bloggerville fans, that’s all for today. I’ll see you back here Tuesday with some news from the V Zoo. Hint: we have some new . . .

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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