Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muse Online Writers Conference Wrap Up

Good morning Bloggerville fans. Today, my boss Joy came by and shared some of what she learned at her writers conference. Boy, she sure had fun!

So, one of the things she did was look at a picture and describe every detail in it. We don't have pictures her at the V Zoo, but we can look around us. Here are some of our observations:

Mori: I live at the end of the zoo. But, on the other side of the fence is another world. When I look through the fence I see: trees, lots of trees, birds and bird nests in those trees. There's a stream that runs along the fence at the V Zoo. Sometimes I see fish jumping. I wonder what it would be like to swim like a fish...

Elvis: I look at the sky and dream. I dream about when I can fly free, like when I let everyone out of their exhibits for Mori's birthday party. I see my wife Elvira and baby Elvin, our nest and am glad I'm here.

Lito: I see leaves high up on tree branches. I ike to stand on my hind legs and eat those leaves.

Star: I look over at Zebee and wish I could travel the world zoos like him. Maybe one week he'll take me aong. I see my sisters Honey and Jewel. I think I'm the prettiest, but don't tell them I said that.

Belinda: I see our campsite that the keepers made for us. I love to explore it and see where they've hidden treats for Boris and me. One time they hid honey combs in a hole on the side of a tree, another time they put apples in a bag and hid them inside the tent. It's fun to sniff out food.

Okay, so there you have what a few of us here at the V Zoo see when we really look around. Now it's your turn. What do you see when you look outside your home? Please share, we love hearing from you.

Bye for now, see you Thursday with another book review for all of you.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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