Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I was a child, my favorite book was... because....

Good morning everyone, Zebee and the gang here today. We, rather our boss Joy, decided to participate in the “Great Books Blog Tour” this week.

Each day has a different topic of discussion about books. Today’s is “When I was a child, my favorite book was... because....” Several of the animals at the V Zoo wanted to share, so here they are.

* * * * *

Mori the okapi: That’s easy. My favorite is “Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa” because it’s about all of us celebrating my birthday.

Lito the gerenuk: I like “Rainbow Sheep” by Kim Chatel. I think that girl Genevieve is pretty cool.

Elvis the king vulture: I like the stories my mother used to tell me about visiting with the Mayan gods. You know, in ancient times we were the messengers to the gods. Maybe some of us still are…Of the stories our boss Joy has read my favorite one was “There’s a Spider in My Sink!” by Bill Kirk. I liked all the factoids he had in the book. I learned a lot about spiders.

Honey the giraffe: I like “Little Man in the Map” by E. Andrew Martonyi. I learned a lot about the USA and the pictures were great.

Star the giraffe: “Maybe We Are Flamingos” by Sue Thurman. I just thought the babies were cute.

Boris the bear: I like Shari Lyle-Soffe’s book “Nothing Stops Noah.” I like the way he got all the animals back in their cages.

Ringo the bongo: Mine are the ones by Donna Shepherd about Topsy Turvy Land. I really like Dotty.

Fred the peacock: I like Margot Finke’s book, “Rattlesnake Jam.” She’s so funny.

Jabari the leopard: Mine is Lea Schizas book, “Bubba and Giganto.” I can identify with Bubba.

Okay, so there you have them. As for mine, well, there are just so many books to choose from, but I’d have to say “Frankie the Walk and Roll Dog” by Barbara Techel. That Frankie sure has spunk.
* * * * *

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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Rena said...

Cute post!

One of my favorite books as a kid was "The Sheep of the Lal Bagh". It was about a sheep in India who worked as the city gardener and would chew/sculpt the grass into beautiful designs.

Zebee said...

Thanks Rena. I never heard of that book. I'll have to check it out.

Zebee aka Joy or is it the other way around?