Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Baby names, Awards and birthday celebrations

Good Sunday to you, Zebee here. Is it getting cold yet where you live? Here at the V Zoo it stays a nice 80 degrees all year round. Can’t get any better weather than that. Anyway, let’s see what’s happening at the world zoos today. See you at the end.

Hogle Zoo opens new animal care center
This is great! Not only will this building help all the animals at the zoo, it’s also environmentally friendly. I think what it says about the floors is really cool. I never heard of floors that radiated heat or any of the other things it says.

San Diego’s Baby Panda Gets a Name.
See what name was chosen and watch the video.

Wildlights at the zoo makes perfect date night
Look at the picture and then head over to the zoo. How pretty all the lights and snow look.

Toronto Zoo gorilla picks a name for his son: Nassir
This is a very clever way to have an animal named. See how the dad picked his son’s name.

Australia Zoo Wins Top Awards
Do you live ‘down under’? Go visit your zoo today.

The Bronx Zoo turns 110: Here are 110 things you need to know about this NYC favorite
Read all 110. My favorite is # 86. Elvis likes #44. Which is your favorite?

Fundraiser planned for Bucks County Zoo Nov. 28
If you live In Pennsylvania, be sure to go by and show your support.

Giant cards add to holiday flavor at zoo light show
This looks really cool. If you near by, be sure to check it out.

Annual lights display at SC zoo begins
The Christmas light show starts this weekend. Make a date to go.

Critters perform, trees sing, lights glow at Zoo nighttime display
This one’s at the Columbus Zoo. Head on over.

Oregon Spotted Frogs Raised at Oregon Zoo Released into the Wild
I love the things zoos do for al of us animals. Here’s one more great example.

Zoo ready to turn on WildLights
Okay, this is the Living Desert celebration. Live nearby Palm Desert? Check it out.

Wow! Not much news, but the news that we found sure was great. So, make a date to go to your local zoo very soon. You never know what might be happening at the zoo.

See you back here Tuesday. Now, where was that apple? Oh, I see it over under the…

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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