Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sally and Rebekha discuss ideas

Look! There go Sally and Rebekha. I wonder what they are talking about. Let’s find out.

“Hi Sally. Where are you working today?”

“Oh, hi Rebekha. I’m going over to the kangaroo exhibit. I’m going to try out this new enrichment idea. Want to come?”

“Sure. What’s the idea?’

“Well, since tomorrow is Easter, I thought I’d do a kind of Easter egg hunt. Instead of real Easter eggs, I’m going to hide things like carrots and apple halves.”

“Sounds like the kangaroos are going to have a fun time today. Can I help?”

“Sure. I really like planning enrichment ideas for the different animals. The animals seem to like it too. Remember when we gave Elvis and his mate Elvira sticks to build a nest?”

“Boy do I. Not only did Elvis and Elvira have fun with that, the zoo visitors enjoyed watching them as well. I’m working on one for Mori, to go along with my book. What do you think would be in his birthday cake?”

“Well, how about…”

Sounds like Rebekha and Sally are great keepers. I’m glad they work here. Well, until next time. Oh, and have a Happy Easter tomorrow.