Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rebekha Returns

Here come Rebekha. She’s been away on vacation. I’m glad she’s back. I missed her. Let’s see what she has to say to Sally.

“Hi Sally. How were things while I was away?”

“Just fine. Lox is getting really good at kneeling down on her front leg to let a person climb up on her back. Since we are going to be having elephant rides soon, I’m glad she is getting good at that. How was Puerto Rico? Did you go to the zoo there?”

“Puerto Rico was great. The zoo was on the way to my grandfather’s house in the mountains, so we stopped in for a quick visit. It has changed some. They have added a butterfly exhibit and some new birds. I saw Elvis’s cousin there. He put on a show for my mom, flapping his wings, walking back and forth on his perch. He even flew down to the ground and then back up again. He was quite entertaining. I’ll go over later and let Elvis know I saw his cousin.”

“Sounds like it was a fun trip.”

“It was. Oh, I almost forgot. We saw the new giraffes the zoo just acquired. They are in the process of revamping the exhibit. Looks like it’s going to be nice when it’s done. One lady asked the keeper if the giraffes understand Spanish, and he told her no that they only understand English. I guess they will have to learn a new language.”

“Well, we’re sure glad you’re back. I can tell that the animals missed you too.”

“I’m glad to be home too. I didn’t realize until I went to another zoo how much I really like working as a keeper. I’m glad I’m home and can see ‘my’ animals again. Look, there’s Bob. I need to talk to him about some new enrichment ideas I got from the zoo in Puerto Rico. See you later Sally.”

Well, it sounds like she had a good time but is glad to be home. We are happy she’s home too. I wonder what new enrichment ideas she got from Puerto Rico. I guess we’ll find out later. Got to go, see you later.


Kim Wheedleton said...

Hey, Zebee, do you and the gang have time for a meme? Check my post "I Have Been Tagged!" for details!