Sunday, April 6, 2008

'V Zoo' map is here

I know, I know. Since I gave you a verbal peek at the ‘V Zoo’, many of you have been writing in and asking my boss, Joy to show you what the zoo looks like. Well, today I have a map for you so you can see where all of us live.

It’s really a very nice zoo. The keepers take real good care of us. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Oh, and when people like you come to visit, well that just makes our day. We like people watching. Some of the things you wear! Anyway…

We have some friends who have been coming here for years. You know, Rebekha was one of those people before she started working here with us. The tigers really like her. Why, when she was still in a stroller she would come to visit with her mom, Joy. The tiger knew from the first time she came by his exhibit that she was a ‘zoo person’. Every time she came near, he would get up and walk around back and forth in his exhibit just for her. Isn’t that sweet? We really like it when some of our old friends who grew up coming to visit us start to work here.

So, here is the map. I hope you enjoy our zoo as much as we do.

Pssst! If you put your cursor over the map and click once, a page will come up with a bigger copy of the map.


Mayra Calvani said...

What a fun, nice blog, Joy! I'm adding this to blogroll. Your upcoming book seems super cute!