Sunday, May 4, 2008

Roving Reporter does triple news events

This has been a busy week in the world zoos. Here are a few news worthy articles to look at:

Blackpool Zoo welcomes Red River Hog Fergie
They sure are cute aren’t they?

Hanging Out At The Pocatello Zoo
This zoo has been in Idaho Falls for 76 years! Read about the new exhibits they are getting.

Wow! Look at this!
Rare vulture specie gives birth to a chick in Rajasthan
First off, where in the world is Rajasthan? Wikipedia says it’s the largest state in India. Look here for more information.

I wonder what Elvis has to say about this.
“Hey, Elvis did you see this? Looks like another King Vulture couple had a baby all the way over in India.”

“Yeah, I know. Elvira is getting ready to lay our egg real soon. It will be our first baby. I’m pretty excited and I guess we will make the news too.”

“I think so. Well, congratulations Elvis and Elvira.”
Just think, a baby here at the ‘V Zoo’. I can hardly wait. I guess that will do for today. Until next week, Zebee the roving reporter out.