Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Vet is Coming!

What are Mori and Lito talking about? Let’s see.

“Hey Lito, I overheard Sally and Rebekha talking about the Vet. They were saying that she’s coming to give me my annual physical exam.”

“What’s that?”

“From what Rebekha said, the Vet will come and check my teeth, hoofs, and take blood samples, what ever that means. I don’t think I’m going to like it very much.”

“Oh, so that’s what the Vet was doing when she came to visit a few months ago. The keepers helped her make my mom go to sleep so they could check her out. It didn’t look like it hurt or anything. She was just sleepy for a while.”

“Well, I guess that won’t be so bad. I think if they make me go to sleep I’ll be much happier. I don’t like loud noises or sudden movements. How did they make her go to sleep?”

“They gave her a shot with a dart because they couldn’t get that close to her. She didn’t remember anything when she woke up.”

“Good. I guess I better go, looks like they are coming now. See you later Lito.”

“Okay Mori. See you when you wake up.”

I think it’s good that the zoo Vet comes and checks us all out each year. They really do take good care of us here at the 'V Zoo'.

Bye for now.


Portia Little said...

This story would be helpful to my grandkids, who are constantly at the doctor for their regular exams or sometimes a procedure. Reading this would help them deal with the anxiety of going to the doctor or dentist. Thanks for a thoughtful idea!
Portia Little