Friday, May 2, 2008

Sally and Rebekha on enrichment ideas

Hi everyone. Sally and Rebekha are in charge of enrichment ideas for the animals here are the ‘V Zoo’. Oh, here they come, let’s see what ideas they are working on today.

“Rebekha, did you read about the addition to the polar bear exhibit at the Denver Zoo?” (look here)

“Yes, how cool is that? I like what engineering is working on for our lion exhibit. The visitors who use the air walk will have an incredible view. The turned over safari train offers lots of enrichment ideas and fun exploring for the lions.. Just think how much fun Zamba and Molhi are going to have hunting for treats. I also like the pit with the bones in it. Visitors can only see it from the air walk because it’s behind the mound they hang out on.”

“You know, the other animals are going to be jealous. We will have to come up with ideas for the other exhibits as well.”

“Okay, what about for the bears we could . . .”

Sounds like we here at the ‘V Zoo’ are in for some great changes. Maybe we can talk our boss Joy into sharing pictures with all of you out there as they happen. I’ll see what I can do.