Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Peacock and Party Plans

Hello, Zebee here. Did you hear the news? We got a new male peacock named Fred. I know, that’s a strange name for a peacock, but the last zoo he was at didn’t have much of an imagination when it came to naming their animals. Anyway, Fred is the most gorgeous peacock I’ve ever seen. That’s him in the picture. See what I mean? All the hens are in love with him. Look, there’s Mori. I wonder if he's met Fred yet.

Hey Mori, have you met Fred the peacock?

Hi Zebee. Yes, he came by to say ‘hi’ and check out my exhibit. He’s very friendly.

Yeah, I guess he’s made the rounds to everyone now. I think he’s going to be a great addition to the ‘V Zoo’.

Me too. So Zebee, have you heard anything more about the book Rebekha wrote?

Uh, yes. It’s at the printer and should be published sometime in October.

That’s when my birthday is. Do you think they’ll sell it at the gift shop? I bet they will since one of our keepers wrote it.

From what I’ve heard they are. I also heard they are planning a big party in October to let everyone know about it. From the plans our boss Joy has been working on, it looks like it will be lots of fun. I’ll tell you more later.
Okay Zebee. Here comes Sally with my breakfast. I’ll talk with you later. Bye.

Bye Mori. That was a bit close. I really don’t want to spoil the surprise. Got to go. See you Thursday.