Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello everyone in Bloggerville. I like Margot’s books so much, that I asked her to share another one of her stories with us. She said yes, so here she is, Margot Finke.

Thanks Zebee for that nice introduction. Zebee invited me over to see all the new goodies Joy Delgado added to his Blog. Zoopriseparty-Fiesta-Zoorpresa is really way cool. To add to this "coolness," I thought I would introduce you to "Humdinger Hummers," another of my rhyming, educational books: on CD and download. Delightful illustrations by Amy Moreno.

Sample Verse:
If you planned to cook up a Hummingbird pie,
You’d need to catch hundreds before you could try.
These bold dainty beauties are fast as a flicker,
Can you think of fowl that fly any quicker?

Genre: Children’s
Title: "Humdinger Hummers"
Author: Margot Finke
Illustrator: Amy Cullings Moreno
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
ISBN: 1 920972 17 X -
Pages: 20
Reviewed for the Muse Book Reviews

As captivating as a flock of hummingbirds flying overhead, this delightful book will win the hearts of children and adults.
In beautiful rhyming verse, Margot Finke enlightens her readers about the habits of these charming feathered friends. What do they eat? How big are their nests? And what kind of personality do they have? All but the most avid bird-watcher will find something new to learn about hummingbirds. The quirky and cheerful illustrations by Amy Cullings Moreno complement the text in a dazzling burst of color.

This e-book can be purchased on Margot Finke's BOOKS page.

MUSE REVIEW MARK: Highly Recommended.
Reviewer: Alice Berger, Muse Reviews

The United States has many awesome and fascinating animals. Hummingbirds are some of the most beautiful wild creatures in the U.S. Go with Zebee and his Zoo friends to my website's "WILD U.S CRITTERS " page. There you can learn cool new stuff about Hummingbirds and other critters.


BUY a CD of any book, from my BOOKS page, and I will include a link to me reading the story, + autograph the cover.

QLIPPITS "voice" slides are a way to see the "Humdinger Hummer" illustrations, while listening to me read the story.


Zebee, you are a real pal for having me over. I hope "Humdinger Hummers" helps you and your friends appreciate the hummingbirds that zoom around the flowers in your zoo. Make Zebee’s Zooprise Party - Fiesta Zoorpresa a daily stop-over!

Zebee is thrilled about his boss, Joy's new web site . Go visit, and see all the terrific new surprises for yourself!

Thanks Margot. I will take some time to watch the humming birds. I sure did learn a lot about them. I hope you’ll come back in a few weeks with another book to share.

For all you readers out there, buzz on over to Margot’s web site with me to grab a copy of her book and get that great deal she’s offering of an audio version and an autographed book cover. See you there.