Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Review: Margot Finke’s newest book is here!

Good morning everyone. Zebee here. I’m so excited! Margot Finke’s newest book is out and she’s come to share it with us. Let’s join Margot and learn more about her newest creation.

Hi Zebee. I just dropped in to bring you the 7th book in my series - just published!! It has 3 cool rhyming stories, and is titled, "Squirrels Can't Help Being Nuts." Maybe you could have Joy read it to you, and then, if you like it, you could write a review for me.

There's Nutty Squirrel: busy, busy busy!
Then Kitty Kat: kitties own YOU!
And Bumblebee Buzzers: playing their music in your garden.
** All fun rhymes, as well as educational!

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"Nutty Squirrel"Acorns and nuts are what fat squirrels munch, High up in a warm cozy hollow. They bury some nuts, and eat others for lunch, Until they are too full to swallow.

"Kitty Kat"
A cat is the coziest creature you’ll find,
It loves to curl safe on your lap.A bowl of warm milk and the sun through a blind,
And kitty has you in her trap.

"Bumblebee Buzzers"
This Bee didn't come with a book or a tutor.
No one designed him on a modern computer.
Plump, stripy body -- so perfect for "bumbling,"
Can reach into blossoms, with no sign of fumbling.


Zebee, you have your Review for me ALREADY?
WOW! You are fast. Thanks mate. Take it away, Zebee!!

Hi everyone. Zebee here. I'm so excited. Margot Finke has written a new book, "Squirrels Can't Help Being Nuts," and she's asked me to review it! I went to my boss Joy and asked her to read it to me.
ZEBEE'S REVIEW: "Squirrels Can't Help Being Nuts,"by Margot Finke
Publisher: WritersExchange-ePublishing
Illustrated by Elizabeth Koenig
ISBN: 1920972153
Available from Reader's Eden, and Margot's Website.
All I can say is Wow! Margot really has a way with words. I think I know more about why squirrels do what they do, kitties are how they are, and bumble bees, well they are just amazing. Her ability to rhyme words just right is truly a talent. I know I can't do that.
Elizabeth's illustrations go perfectly with the rhyming poems. Now I know what squirrels look like. We don't have any squirrels at the "V Zoo". They are cute and have very pretty tails. Kitties come in all colors, unlike zebras, and bumble bees have perfect stripes and tiny wings.
Thanks Margot for asking me to review your book. I really had fun. I think every boy and girl should have your book so they can learn as much as I did.
Now, do you think you can stop by the "V Zoo" soon and read it to the rest of the animals? I know they will like it as much as I did. Bye for now. Zebee out.


Thanks a bunch Zebee, for a great review.

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Zebee, thanks for your terrific review. I always have a great time when I visit you and your friends at Zebee’s Zooprise Party - Fiesta Zoorpresa for fun and great reading.

See you later, mate.
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I sure had fun today. Maybe my next assignment from my boss Joy will be writing a few book reviews. . .I'm going over to Margot's web site now to pick up my link to her reading to me. I just love her way with words. See you all on Sunday.