Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: From Hurricane Ike to animal art, we have lots of news for you today.

Hello everyone in Bloggerville. Zebee here. Sorry I’m late getting this out today. My boss Joy had to take her husband to the airport. He left to go help with the Coast Guard efforts in Texas. Anyway, she locked up the office and I couldn’t get to the computer!

So, here is all the news for today. There’s a wide variety of things going on in the world zoos this week. Enjoy!

Art Made by Zoo Animals to Be Auctioned on TV
This sounds like fun. I wonder if my boss Joy will let me give it a try.

Buffalo Zoo Rainforest ready for visitors
A rainforest, cool! Go straight to the Buffalo Zoo web site here to read more about it. Also, check out the video clip on the news about how it was made.

Minnesota Zoo plans new visitor center; meerkats moving
The meerkats are moving, but what’s going in their place sounds really cool. Oh, and they are going to be close by.

A birthday something out of the box
If you’re in Australia I hope you went to this. Looks like the behind the scenes tour was very interesting.

Zoo Prepares for Ike
It’s good to see the zoos get ready like this for a hurricane.

Oregon Zoo names baby elephant
They picked the name! Well, it isn’t the one I picked, but it’s a good name anyway.

Adopt a tiger or a crocodile at Tripura zoo
Cool! I want to adopt – what animals are on the list - a. . .vulture. I wonder of their vulture is a king vulture?

During Your Weekend Visit, The Detroit Zoo Wants You To Take Home A Live Animal
If you go to the Detroit Zoo this weekend you can take home a pet. What do you want? A dog or a cat? What are you going to name it? Please let me know. I think Zebee is a great name, don’t you?

Skyfari debuts at Southwick's Zoo
Now this is a great way to see the zoo. Some say it’s like flying through the air in a chair. If you’re in the area you’ve got to give it a try.

Petting Zoo at the Kansas State Fair
A petting zoo with a twist. They even have a baby giraffe! Read about the other animals they have at the fair, uh, petting zoo.

Okay, I guess that’s enough for today. See you Tuesday with an update on the book.