Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday 'V Zoo' happenings

Hi everyone. Lito here standing in for Zebee. He's off on assignment and asked me to fill in today. I've been running around listening in on all kinds of conversations today to bring you some news from the 'V Zoo'. So let's see. . .

Elvin is learning to fly on his own and Elvis and Elvira are very proud parents. He's so cute and it's really funny to watch him try to fly. This morning he flew straight into Elvis while he was eating breakfast!

Jewel, Honey and Star are still amazed that Haina the tigress wants to be their friend. I hear them talking to each other at night sometimes.

Boris and Belinda sure are enjoying the addition to their exhibit. Boris tries to climb the trees to get at the treats the keepers put up there and Belinda enjoys the picnic area. I think the keepers have just as much fun as they do, hiding the treats that is.

Billy is still getting into trouble. Brindi said his latest trick is to try and swing high enought that he can get over the fence. I heard Rebekha and Sally say that they are considering putting a 'ceiling' on the chimp exhibit to keep Billy in.

I guess that's all for today. I think I'll be back on Thursday with a book review that was my boss Joy's favorite book to read to her children when they were growing up. See you then!