Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zoo New Sunday: babies, adoptions, hurricane Ike and Jack Hanna

Hello Bloggerville fans. Zebee here with more zoo news. There are some fun things going on in zoos as well as a few very interesting stories about Hurricane Ike, some babies and a special award for Jack Hanna. So, sit back and enjoy the picks for this week.

Lots of births at the Honolulu Zoo
Babys galore at the Honolulu zoo. Read all about them. Any zebras?

Slothful by nature
What a cutie! I didn;t know they could be so small.

Bristol Zoo Gardens Adopts Orphaned Lowland Gorilla
Read about Kera and her new home.

Kansas City Zoo becomes love nest for toads
Wow! I never knew how important the breeding programs at the zoos were. Read about it here. I sure learned a lot.

Elephant helps with zoo clean up after Hurricane Ike
What a great elephant Tucker is. Take a look at the pictures of him helping in the clean-up effort after Ike went through Houston. Way to go Tucker!

Zoo beasts hide from hurricane
Look at this picture! A lioness takes refuge from Ike in a church! Truly amazing.

Sparking young minds at the Gladys Porter Zoo
If you live in the Brownsville area, go there today, Sunday and take the kids along for the fun.

Zoo association gives top honor to Jack Hanna
How cool. He likes our book and gets a very prestigious award all in one week. Way to go!

Zoo camping allowed next week
I wanna go! Oh, that’s right, I already sleep in a zoo every night. Well, if your in the Lafayette, IN area you should go. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in a zoo. The price is good too.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
The pictures are breath-taking. Looks like a geat place to visit.

That’s it for today. I need to go get out of the rain, so, I’ll see you all Tuesday. Have a great Sunday.