Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Very Wet Tuesday to you!

Star, have you heard about all the rain our boss Joy is having? Oh, hi everyone, Zebee here.

No. What’s rain?

It’s water that falls out of the clouds in the sky. When it rains the ground and everything that’s outside gets wet.

I’m glad it doesn’t rain here at the ‘V Zoo’. I don’t like getting wet. Sometimes birds come in to take a drink from our drinking pool and end up splashing all of us. I get cold.

Well, there has been so much rain there that I heard the news people on TV say it’s the most rain the island has had in between 100 and 200 years!

Wow! I guess that’s a lot of rain then.

Yes, some areas have had over 30 inches of rain. That’s about up to your knee there.

Now I’m really glad I live here. What’s TV?

That’s a, oh, I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

I hope all you people out there in Bloggerville are staying dry and warm like we are here at the ‘V Zoo’. Bye for now. See you Thursday.

Okay Star, a TV is a box that. . .