Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review: What do you do with a kangaroo? By Mercer Mayer

Hello everyone, Zebee here. Okay, here is the book review I promised two weeks ago. This was my boss Joy’s favorite book to read to Rebekha and her brother Daniel when they were young.

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What do you do with a kangaroo? by Mercer Mayer
Published by: Scholastic
ISBN 10: 0-590-44850-1

Review by: Joy Delgado
One of my favorite children books, What do you do with a kangaroo? takes you on a journey into the imagination of a little girl. She goes through her whole day imagining what she would do if first a kangaroo jumps in her bedroom window, well let me quote:

What do you do with a Kangaroo
who jumps in your window, sits on your bed,
and says,
“I never sleep on wrinkled sheets,
so change them now and make them smooth,
and fluff up the pillow if you please.”

What do you do?

You throw him out, that’s what you do.
“Get out of my bed you Kangaroo!”

The story goes on with encounters of the oddest sorts. She meets an opossum, a llama, a raccoon, a moose, a tiger and a camel. What does she do? Throws them out, but they all come back at the end of the day. She what she does in the end when they all want to sleep in her bed.

The illustrations are by Mercer Mayer and they are spectacular. These pictures are rich and full of detail and really bring the story to life.

I highly recommend searching for and acquiring a copy of this book and letting your imagination sore. First copyrighted in 1973, it is still around today.

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My boss Joy brought it by the ‘V Zoo’ a while back and read it to all of us. And here’s what some of us had to say about it:

Jewel the giraffe: “What a fun story. I like the llama the best.”

Lito the gerenuk: “That little girl has guts. I don’t know what I’d do if I encountered a tiger, no offense Simon.”

Simon the tiger: “No offense taken Lito. I wonder what it’s like riding a tricycle.”

Billy the chimp: “I know what I’d do if I were in the story. I’d hang from the ceiling fan and spin around until I got dizzy then I’d jump down and run all over the house. Can I mom, huh?”

Brindi, Billy’s mom: “No Billy, but you can swing from the ropes here today and pretend, okay?”

Billy: “Okay, if that’s all I can do.”

Personally I liked the story, but one thing was missing. A zebra!
Until Sunday, stay safe and dry, my boss Joy is STILL getting lots of rain.


Jennifer Gladen said...

Joy and Zeebe,

Great review pick! My almost 4-yr old LOVES this story. He enjoys following along saying, "You frow 'em out! That what you do!"

PS - thanks for checking out my book cover :)

Zebee said...

Thanks Jen. I 'read' it in Spanish to my grand daughters and they got a kick out of it doing just what your son does.