Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Awards, Parties, babies and more!

Whew! I’m glad to be back at the ‘V Zoo’. Hi all my loyal fans, Zebee here. This week there has been a lot happening in the world zoos. We have awards, events, babies, and more. I’m going to use the format I did several weeks back and group my findings in categories. Have fun! See you when you’re done reading all this.

* * * Awards * * *

Kansas City Zoo Wins Elephant Conservation Award

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo recognized

* * * Event and Parties * * *

A Fun Filled Fall Weekend At The Detroit Zoo

Nashville Zoo Has An Animal Party You Don't Want To Miss
Now this is something I can sink my teeth into. Anyone going to this that I can hitch a ride with? I don’t take up much room, promise.

Zoo to hold 27th Halloween party
Cool! Halloween at the zoo! A must do event in the Louisville area. Have fun!

Harvest Days at the zoo yields insight, fun
Another great event at the Nashville Zoo.

Free Bird Talk at the Zoo Oct. 23

* * * Animal Happenings * * *

First Czech okapi calf born in Dvůr Králové zoo
There sure a lots of zoos now that have okapis. That’s cool since there are so few in the wild now.

Zoo Boise welcomes first giraffe as part of new African Plains exhibit
Shingo is the first giraffe the come to the Boise Zoo. What’s he eating in the picture?

Zoo produces 90th kea chick in breeding programme
What’s a Kea? Why is this important? Read this and find out. Oh, and a picture of a Kea is here.

Visayan warty pig gives birth to triplets at the Oregon Zoo
Cute little piglets! Are they boys or girls or both?

Zoo's red panda cubs doing fine, according to latest checkup
This is good news. There are very few left in the wild, so zoos will help the species survive.

Last Chance to See Lion Cubs at Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls
If you live in the area, go say farewell to the lion cubs on their way to a new home.

Cute Baby Siamese Crocodiles Are Hatched At The Detroit Zoo
Did you know these crocks are a critically endangered species? It’s good to see the zoo breeding programs are helping to “ensure the long-term survival of the captive population in zoos and aquariums.”

* * Miscellaneous Goings On at Zoos * *

Australia Zoo Wants You To Visit And Adopt A Salt Water Crocodile

Visit Zoo Atlanta for free with a Fulton library card
What a great idea! Maybe this idea will catch on all across the country. Of course, the ‘V Zoo’ is free every day of the year.

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope you get out to your local zoo today. Drop me a line and tell me about what’s going on at your zoo. I promise to post it the following Sunday. I’ll even mention your name, if you want.

See you Tuesday.