Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa update

Good morning all you out there in Bloggerville. Zebee here once again. Today I have some exciting news about our book, Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa. Look, there’s Lito and Elvis. Let’s go over and share it with them too. Come on!

Hi Lito, hi Elvis.

Lito: Hi Zebee. Anything new?

Yes, I was just about to tell all the people out there about some exciting news that our boss Joy is doing to promote the book.

Elvis: Really? What?

This coming Thursday she’s going to a TV station to tape a children’s show.

Lito: Wow! That IS exciting. Tell us more!

There’s a TV celebrity in Puerto Rico named Maria Chuzema who has a children’s show called ‘La Casa de Maria Chuzema’. Joy contacted her a while back and she’s very interested in the book.

Elvis: Excuse me Zebee, what does ‘La Casa de Maria Chuzema’ mean? What language is that?

It’s Spanish for ‘The house of Maria Chuzema’. The show is in Spanish. It’s a fun show and great for kids. One thing Maria likes to do is read stories out loud.

Elvis: I like it when Joy and her friends read to us. Is that what Maria does?

Yes. So, because she likes to support books, she’s having our boss Joy on the show to tell the whole island about the book!

Lito: That’s fantastic! Then all the little boys and girls will hear about us.

Yes. But there’s more.

Lito: What else?

On October 22, our boss Joy, Maria Chuzema and some other friends are going to share the book with school children and the Puerto Rican press.

Elvis: Where?

At the public library in Caguas, Puerto Rico at 10 am. Several schools have been invited as well as a large group of home schoolers.

Lito: What are they going to do there?

Joy has planned a birthday party for the event. There will be coloring pages, snacks and gifts for all the children that attend. Then Joy and Maria are going to read the book in English and Spanish out loud to all the children. They may even have puppets of Mori and the two of you.

Lito: Sounds like a really fun time. I wish I could go.

Elvis: Me too.

I’m sure our boss Joy will tell us all about it. Well, I’ve got to go. I want to see how things are going over in the penguin and polar bear exhibit. I heard that, oh, see you all on Thursday.


Kim Wheedleton said...

Woo hoo! Publicity!