Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another storm is coming!

Hello everyone out there in Bloggerville. Zebee here.

Billy the chimp is all excited about this storm that’s headed to our boss Joy’s home. I need to go over and talk to him about it, what to come along?

Zebee, I’m scared. This storm that’s coming, will it get us too?

No Billy. Let me explain what’s happening, okay?

I guess.

I have to say I’m glad we live in the ‘V Zoo’ and not with our boss Joy. See, she lives on a boat in the Caribbean. There are these big storms called hurricanes that can go by her boat this time of year. When that happens, she

Will it come here? That’s what I want to know!

No, as I was saying, she has to get her boat prepared for the storm. That means she has to take everything off the boat deck, or the top of the boat, and put it somewhere else. She and her husband move it all down inside the boat and then move the boat some place safe.

Yes, but will it come here?

No, Billy, it won’t come here. Anyway, after they move the boat some place safe, they go and stay on land. See it’s not safe to stay on the boat during a storm. Some people do, but not our boss Joy and her husband. They’ve been through lots of storms and know what to do.

When is the storm going to be there? Is it going to come here?

Billy, the storm is supposed to be at Joy’s on Wednesday, and, no, it’s not coming here. So, do you have a better understanding of what a hurricane is Billy?

Yes, but is it going to come here? That’s all I want to know.

No Billy, it’s not coming here. There’s Lito, I need to let him know that our boss Joy won’t be around because of the storm. Talk to you later Billy.

Mom, is the storm going to come here? What is a hurri . . .


Kim Wheedleton said...

Oh, Joy. Be safe...