Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Halloween, babies and new sea creatures!

Hi everyone in Bloggerville. Sorry I missed Thursday, very busy these days. So, let’s get to the news.

Boy are there lots of Halloween celebrations! Here is a special section dedicated to Zoo events.

Enjoy the Zoo for a "Spooktacular" Halloween
I bet I’m going to find lots of Halloween celebrations this month. Here’s the first one.

Boo at the Zoo
Live near the Lake Superior Zoo? Check this out for Halloween.

Zoo closing to prepare for annual Boo
This looks like a big event. So big they even close the zoo for a few days to get everything ready.

'World's Largest Halloween Party' Under Way At Zoo
This party sounds cool! Be sure to go if you live in the Louisville area.

Zoo Boo Twenty at the BioPark on Oct. 25
Another great Boo at the Zoo celebration. Go if you’re in the Albuquerque area.

Annual Zoo Run and Haunted Safari happenings at the Henry Doorly Zoo
What great ideas! If you’re in the Omaha area these two events should be on your list of must dos.

A Night at Honolulu Zoo
People sleeping inside the zoo? That’s different.

Renovated playground is big hit at Nashville Zoo
Sounds like the Nashville Zoo is becoming a big hit with the kids. Now, what does it say about the flamingos?

Birthday party at zoo celebrates a tale of two tigers
Now this sounds like a fun party at the zoo. Hey, ours is just around the corner!

* * * * * * * * * *

What would my zoo news be without baby announcements? Here they are:

Columbus Zoo welcomes eight newborns in 2008
This might have some repeats in it, but they sure are having lots of babies there.

Baby boomlet at Virginia Zoo
Okay, is there some type of competition going on? First we have 8 babies and now ten? Anyway, I think it’s cool that zoos are having so many babies.

Okapi Baby!
What a cutie! I like his markings on his front legs.

Disney's Animal Kingdom welcomes baby giraffe Bonsu
Another baby giraffe. I can’t imagine having a baby that is 6 feet tall, can you?

Zoo welcomes baby hippo (with VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Kayin is a nice name. Read this to see what it means.
* * * * * * * * * *

Other zoo news happenings and more:

Twin polar bears to leave Brno zoo for Prague, Gelsenkirchen
Twins! Great, now what about those names?

Hundreds of new marine species discovered: Australian scientists
I know this isn’t zoo news, but it’s really cool. Imagine, 274 new species of sea life! Check out the slideshow too, they are very interesting to see.

Plans to create first 'eco-zoo'
This looks really cool. I don’t know how comfortable I’d be walking through the tiger exhibit, I’d have to see it first.

Well, zoo fans, that’s all for today. If you’re in the USA, enjoy Columbus Day tomorrow. See you Tuesday!
Zebee out and running free, well at least around my exhibit.