Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book Launch tomorrow! Another great book review!

Hello everyone, Zebee here. Well, tomorrow is the big day, we launch the book to the media and then on Friday the book is available for sale! My boss Joy is running around in circles trying to get everything done. For tomorrow, here’s what she’s got planned:

At the Caguas Public Library, La Biblioteca Pública Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos at 10 AM the program starts. TV children show personality, María Chuzema will be reading the book in Spanish and Joy will be reading it in English. There are at least 75 people who are going to be there at last count. We have juice, animals crackers, coloring pages, crayons and goodie bags for all the children. The books will be on sale at a very nice discount. The local TV and newspapers have all been invited, and we are hoping for at least one of each, two would be nice.

Then, if that isn’t enough, that afternoon at 2:30 the TV program she taped with María Chuzema airs. Her plan is to be back home by then so she can watch it with her friends here at the marina where she lives.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and filled with lots of fun and hopefully book sales.

Now, if all that isn’t enough, yesterday my boss Joy got another really great review. This one is from Ron Magill. He’s the communication and media director for the Miami Metrozoo. He also does regular appearances on the TV show ‘Sábado Gigante’ on Univision. He’s their resident animal expert. He also appears on several other TV shows regularly. Here’s what he had to say about Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa:

“Zooprise Party” is a wonderful children’s book that tells the story of an Okapi who believes that all of his animal friends at the zoo have forgotten his birthday. Author Rebekha Delgado and illustrator Joy Delgado use the story to subtly teach the reader some interesting facts about some unique animals. The best lesson of all for the children who will enjoy this book is that friends come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds and that our friends represent some of the most important things in our lives.

Ron Magill
Communications & Media Director
Miami Metrozoo

Pretty nice I think. Well, I’d better get back to being a zebra. I’ll ‘see’ you all again on Thursday and let you know all about how everything went on Wednesday.


Mayra Calvani said...

Dear Joy,

Please let us know how it went. I wish you lots of happy sales!


Zebee said...

Thanks Mayra. Read Thursday's post and see the slide show and you'll learn all about it.

Zebee said...

Thanks Mayra. Read Thursday's post and see the slide show and you'll learn all about it.