Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book review: Dotty in Topsy Turvy Land by Donna Shepherd

Reading level: Ages 2-6
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Coming soon to Guardian Angel Publishing
ISBN-10: 0981453260
ISBN-13: 978-0981453262
Wow! Have we got a neat book to share with you today. Hi everyone, Zebee here.

This is another rhyming book by Donna Shepherd called Dotty in Topsy Turvy Land. Our boss Joy read it to us and we just loved it! Here’s what some of the ‘V Zoo’ animals had to say:

Mori: I know how Dotty felt. But now all my friends her at the ‘V Zoo’ have shown me how much them care by throwing me the best surprise party ever.

Billy: I’d play with Dotty. I don’t care that she’s pink. I think it’s kinda cool.

Lito: Being different isn’t a bad thing. Look at us gerenuks. We stand on our hind legs to eat leaves. None of the other antelopes do that. Being different makes you unique and that’s a good thing. Can you imagine if we were al the same? Who would we tell who was who?

Lox: Everyone should read this book. It teaches us how looking different isn’t a bad thing, just different. Really no big deal.
Star: The story was great, but I really liked the illustrations! The animals are so cute and the colors, well, they are fantastic.

Samba: And the rhyme, it’s perfect. Thanks Donna for writing such a fun story.

Well, I guess the animals here at the ‘V Zoo’ really liked your book Donna. I think your Topsy Turvy land is a great place. I’d like to go visit there some day.
Okay all you people Bloggerville. Now’s your chance to check out the book and all the fun things Donna has at her web site for Dotty.

To buy the book these are the places to go:


Barnes and Noble

For the fun stuff check out these sites:
Dotty Blog
Topsy Turvy Land
Donna's website

Well, another great book has been shared here. Come back Sunday and travel to the world zoos with me. See you then.


Connie Arnold said...

Thanks for sharing about Dotty! Having read Donna's Topsy Turvy Land (which my grandsons love!) I know this is also a fun one and look forward to getting one when I can.