Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Tigers, jaguars, black rhinos and more!

Welcome back everyone, Zebee here. Things at the world zoos have quieted down a bit now that Halloween is past. I did find some great stories for this week, so read and enjoy!

Zoo's tigers enjoy visit from great pumpkin
Now this is a neat enrichment. What a pretty tiger too.

Zoo offers exotic animal ringtones
What a COOL idea!

New jaguar cub at the Palm Beach Zoo
Check out the video and all the news about this new baby jaguar.

Buffalo Zoo plots more expansion
They just opened a cool rainforest exhibit and now are planning. . .

Rare black rhino calf born at zoo
This is the first one born at the Chester Zoo in 10 years. There are only 700 black rhinos in the worlds. Well, now 701.

Zoo gives a hoot for new owl exhibit
Nice new exhibit for these Indiana natives. See what companies are behind the building of this great new exhibit.

That’s all for today. See you Tuesday with more from the ‘V Zoo’.


Sara said...

Halloween behind us, the Zoos are starting to decorate for Xmas. The Zoo here in Saint Louis will be having the annual Xmas light display.
It was wonderful to see so many Zoos give out pumpkins to the animals to play with and eat. Animal enrichment is important. I wonder what animal enrichment programs are on the list for Xmas?