Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Awards, free admission, babies and Jane Goodall

Happy Sunday morning to all you out there in Bloggerville! Zebee here posing as the roving reporter of world zoos. This week I took it easy as lots is happening with our boss Joy and the book launch coming up in a few weeks. She needed me here to, uh, oversee things at the ‘V Zoo’. But I still snuck in some time to learn about all the goings on at zoos around the world. Enjoy today’s installment!

Woodland Park Zoo Receives AZA Education Award
More awards! Congratulations Woodland Park Zoo.

Elephants 'phone' friends with rumbles
Very interesting, but, you humans are getting too smart. I just hope you don’t figure out that WE can understand YOU!

A Bonfire With Noiseless Fireworks At The Bristol Zoo
Bangless fireworks!?! That works for me. I don’t like all that noise.

Two ocelot kittens born at Woodland Park Zoo
Cute babies. I wonder what their names will be?

Free Admission to the Kansas City Zoo for 2 months!
What a great deal. Two whole months where you can go to the zoo for free. If you live in Kansas City, go to the zoo!

Jane Goodall unveils chimp habitat at Monarto Zoo
Opening in December, make your plans now to go visit this great new habitat.

Three Aquatic Babies At Marineland
Dolphins are sooo much fun to watch. Read on and see how old the oldest dolphin in human care is. Amazing!

Southern Ray Gives Birth To Pups At Florida Aquarium
Look at that! A baby stingray. They sure are cute.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with news about our book, Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa. Enjoy your day!