Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7 random facts about . . .who?

Good morning everyone in Bloggerville! Zebee here. Well, last week was fun with Jennifer Gladen. We al look forward to her visiting us again when A Star in the Night published.

So, one of the comments left last week by Lori Calabrese tagged us to give 7 random facts about us.

Since several of us wanted to participate, we decided to each give seven random facts.

Here’s mine
1 I like to listen in when humans walk by, never know what you might hear.
2 I think (but don’t let the others know) that zebras are the most beautiful animals in the world.
3 I love to travel the world zoos.
4 I like to play hide and seek.
5 I have a great smile, don’t you think?
6 I wonder what this food humans eat called pizza is like.
7 I don’t like getting wet.

Okay, my turn. Hi I’m Mori.
1 I like the fact that my friends here at the ‘V Zoo’ gave me a surprise party.
2 Even though I’m at the end of the zoo, I get lots of visitors.
3 I can lick my ears with my tongue! Bet you can’t do that.
4 If you could touch me, I’d feel like velvet.
5 I like to play hide and seek too. I guess Zebee and I are good at it because of our stripes.
6 I get scared at night. It’s dark.
7 Zebee wonders what pizza’s like, I wonder about the stuff you call ice cream. Is it good?

our boss Joy
1 I live on a sailboat.
2 I love to snorkel and take pictures underwater.
3 I don’t like the cold, maybe for a day. Give me warm sunshine any day.
4 I speak English and Spanish and can understand French and Italian.
5 I have two sisters, one older and one younger. We are all totally different.
6 I have a daughter, son, step daughter and two grand children.
7 I like watching Spanish ‘telenovelas’. (Spanish soap operas/mini series)

Hey Zebee, do the rest of us get a turn?

Some other time, I promise. We’ve got to go for now. Our boss Joy is going to be on Suzanne Lieurance’s “Book Bites for Kids” today at 3 pm Eastern time. Hope all of you people out there in Bloggerville will tune in and listen to her. She’s going to talk about “Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa”. You can catch the show at
Blog Talk Radio

By for now. Thursday we’re going to read about a professor somebody or other. See you then.


Lori Calabrese said...


Thanks for sharing your random 7 facts! I think zebras are beautiful animals, too!

All the best,

Zebee said...

*blush* thanks Lori.