Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zoo New Sunday: Romp and Chomp, Bisons and Babies

Hi bloggerville fans. Zebee here with some more interesting zoo news. I traveled all over this week and here are my top picks. Sit back and enjoy!

An Evening All-You-Can-Eat Buffet at Nashville Zoo’s Romp and Chomp
This sounds like fun! The event will be held 4 times this summer. Read all about it and then make plans to go.

Katraj Zoo to Get Bisons from Mysore
Read about this zoo in India. Bisons are just one animal spices they are getting. See what other animals will call Katraj home.

New Elephant Exhibit at San Diego
This new exhibit is really something. I want to go! Oh that’s right, I already did. Well, you go then.

New Milwaukee County Zoo Exhibit Ruffles a Few Feathers
An exhibit where you can have birds land on you. If you like birds, you’ll love this new exhibit.

Students Help Zoo’s Black Rhino Project
Read this story. Elementary students are helping raise funds for Potter Park Zoo, started by an eight year old girl. Way to go Emily!

Oklahoma City Zoo’s Rhino Getting Used to New Digs
Niki’a checking out her new home. Have you ever moved? Read how she’s doing.

80th Anniversary Celebration & Fisher-Price® Presents "Little People® Musical Show"
Are you going to be in San Francisco June 27 or 28th? Yes? Then check this out and go.

It’s a Wild World AnimalShow Returns to Akron Zoo
The show starts June 2nd and will run for the summer season. If you’re in the area, this would be a fun day trip for you and your kids.

Baby Panda Born in Thai Zoo
Cool video of a baby panda. They are really small!

Okay, so I’m tired now and want to go take a nap. But before I go, I want to remind you all that starting tomorrow over at Books Go Beyond Reading the “Bounding for Books Blog Tour” starts. Monday’s schedule is:

Jennifer Gladen is over at Daily News with Kim Chatel

Mayra Calvani chats with Jennifer Gladen at Jen’s Blog

Joy Delgado visits with Mayra Calvani at Mayra’s Secret Bookcase

Shari Soffe shares her book with Joy Delgado over at Books go Beyond Reading

Margot Finke pops in to chat with Shari Soffe at “Out of My Mind” About Books for Children

Donna Shepherd and Margot Finke talk over at Margot’s blog.

Kim Chatel can be found at Topsy Turvy Land with Donna Shepherd.

So pop in. Each author is giving away something for comments, so leave comments.

See you back here Tuesday with more information about “Zebee’s Summer Zoo Camp”. (Yes, I got my boss Joy to name the camp after me.)

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