Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zebee’s Summer Zoo Camp

Hello all you people in Bloggerville. Zebee here. Today I have some news to share about, ahem, my summer camp.

Mori: Hey Zebee, it’s our summer camp.

Lito: Yeah! We all are participating in it along with the children, keepers and parents that come.

Zebee: Well, it’s just that our boss Joy named it after me, so I look at it as mine.

Mori and Lito: Okay, but we had input too, so did all the other animals and keepers here at the V Zoo.

Zebee: Sorry. I just happen to be the mascot, okay? So, I have news about the summer camp here at the V Zoo. There’s still time to register, so drop us a comment and let us know you want to come.

We are going to be highlighting a different animal each week. Some common and some not so common ones that live here in the V Zoo. We will have an ‘interesting little known facts trivia’ section, an arts and crafts project, pictures, puzzles and games. Be sure to pack a snack and bring along your imagination.

When is this summer camp going to be held? It’s every Tuesday from July 7th through August 25th. Eight weeks of fun and games.

Do you have a favorite animal you’d like to see us highlight one week? Just drop us a comment and we will work real hard to include it. So far we know that meerkats, bongos, elephants and hippos.

Also, my boss Joy is thinking up some type of prize. More on that later.

So, did I forget anything?

Mori: Did you mention that the children who participate can send in their pictures and we’ll post them here on the blog?

Lito: And what about the board game?

Zebee: Ssshhh! That’ not ready yet for announcement. And, no Mori, I forgot to mention that. So, for all you budding artists, send us your pictures of zoo animals. You can start now if you like and then when the summer camp starts, you can email us pictures of your arts and crafts projects.

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