Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Elephants, Birthdays and Shakespear?

Happy Sunday everyone! Zebee here with more fun zoo news. Let’s see what’s happening at the zoo today.

Fort Worth Zoo, oldest in Texas, turns 100
Wow! Happy Birthday Ft. Worth Zoo! Special things are going on there for the next 10 weeks, so be sure to stop in.

Pittsburgh Zoo Celebrates First Birthdays Of Baby Elephants
Watch this cool video about the baby elephants. What have they learned in their first year of life?

Rare snow leopard cub debuts at Hogle Zoo
Do you live near Hogle Zoo? If you do, or if you’re passing through the Salt Lake City area this summer, stop in to see this cutie.

Oregon Zoo Releases Endangered Butterflies
How many of these endangered butterflies do they release? Read this to find out and see what they look like.

Endangered animals born at Front Royal conservation center
Three different endangered species gave birth at the National Zoo. What were they?

Free Shakespeare play opens outdoors at Beardsley Zoo on July 17
This is different, go to the zoo and watch a Shapesperean play. Great idea, and it’s free.

On hot days, zoo animals are cool
Watch the video and see how the keepers help their animal friends get through the hot summer months.

The Zoo's newest member takes life slow
Baby two toed sloth video. Learn about how sloths live, upside down. What other animal is in the video?

Twin moose calves on exhibit at MN Zoo
See these babies and learn a little bit about our friends from the north.
Watch a video of them.

Win a family ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
Now who wouldn’t want to win a day at the zoo? Read this to see what you have to do to win. Hurry, the copetition ends July 26th. Good luck!

Elephant carwash raises zoo cash
Want your car washed by an elephant? Read on!

Penguin chick born at Akron Zoo
Who likes penguins? I do. Here’s a baby named Tadeo to go see.

Snow suits kids at Palm Beach Zoo's 'Winter in July'
Hurry! This is for today and then it’s gone. Great fun for those in Palm Beach, FL.

Okay, that's all for today.

See you Tuesday. I'll have all the pictures sent in by Monday posted so you still have time to send yours in. This will give you extra points and chances to win the prizes at the end of camp.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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